“Marisa has all the requisite tools of a great film actress.”

– Glenn English, Director

“Earthy, but otherworldly. Marisa freely gives herself and her vulnerability to the work.”

– Abigail Trueblood, Director

“Marisa has a powerful presence, and an excellent work ethic.”

– Ellen Orenstein, Director

“She radiates. Her work is filled, magnetic, and courageous.”

– Carrie Heitman, Producer

“An actor like Marisa, who allows you to distance yourself from your own work and be affected as an audience member, is a phenomenal gift.”

– David Guglielmo, Writer

“Marisa is a beautifully subtle, natural performer.”

- Chris Donnelly, Director

"Costa exudes equal parts vulnerability and tough-as-nails attitude."

- Fatally-Yours.com

“Marisa is a disciplined professional who shows up on time with her lines memorized and ready to play with commitment and passion.”

– Ron Kagen, Director

“Marisa has a unique gift and an intuitive grasp of the human condition.”

- Adam Linzey, Director