Strangers No More

HPAA friend from high-school passed away last week.  Though I hadn’t spoken to him since, I’ve thought about him because he made an impact in my life.  He made me feel like I belonged … in a strange new place, on an island, at a boarding school when I was 14.  I’m now wondering about his life … What was he doing?  What was he in the middle of?  Was he happy?  There are people who once had active roles in our lives, who are now, well, … strangers.

As Spring-cleaning is upon us I find myself sifting through old papers, letters, and journals, and remembering the people I once knew well.  I realize how connected we all are … always.  Our dreams and our struggles are all the same despite what shape they take during our day-to-day.

I stumbled on the KCRW podcast STRANGERS.  It reminds me of our connectiveness.  And … its also kind of a nice thing to have on in the background while your cleaning out your closet.

Rest in peace Michael.  Thank you for reminding me of my gratitude.  I’ll always remember you.

And happy Spring!