Check out the Audio Drama I acted in, helmed by the wonderfully creative crew at Earbud Theater who crafted this lovely morsel of weird. Listen! Ponder! Thrill!

Raff and Knaack have a job. They clock in, gripe about their bosses, work their shift, then knock off for a beer. Pretty lucky for them in an economy of haves and have-nots. Their job takes them all sorts of places – today it’s got them wandering around in the woods, looking for something. But thanks to some equipment the bosses haven’t kept functioning properly, what they’re going to find is far more profound and strange than you expect when you’re paid by the hour. Listen in as Barney Crow, Lise Hart, Marisa Costa, and the one and only MacLeod Andrews discover that the arc of a life can be all in a day’s work, in Nicholas Thurkettle’s Monday for the Sweepers.

Download it from Itunes or from Earbud Theater

What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.”

-Meister Eckhart 14th Century German Philosopher

It was a busy 2015. Here’s the most recent news and events …

Fray, a feature I starred in alongside Bryan Kaplan was released on BluRay in commemoration of Veteran’s Day. This story remains very dear to my heart, and to the plight of returning veterans in this country. Watch it.

Gone, a short I starred in alongside Zack Norman, won Best Film-Short in LA’s Indie Fest 2015.

I was in a workshop of a beautiful new work called For Bus, by Bill Hoffman, alongside Robert Hayes (Airplane, Poltergeist), Tess Lina, Pete Uribe, and others.

For Bus








I did some voice over work for Earbud Theatre in an original story by Nick Thurkettle called “Morning For the Sweepers.” I’ll let you know when its up for listening.

I was interviewed by the up and coming podcast Interesting People I Know, helmed by the creative mind of Randy Bautista about artists-on-the-verge. I’ll let you know when that is up for listening.

I got certified in Defender 1-Handguns – Combat Firearms and Hostile Environment Training with Tactical Black. Check out my blog.

Shot to the heart!

I’m working in the Antaeus Academy with the incomparable Elizabeth Swaine, studying Shakespeare and Restoration.

I’m in the midst of shooting a part in a feature called Nowhere Jungle. More to come.

Nowhere Jungle







Happy Holidays to you and yours. Here’s to a creative & productive new year! You reap what you sow.


As You Like ItIf you are in the SoCal area come see this wonderful story of friendship, the triumph of will and the human spirit … under-the-stars no less!

Directed by the incomparable Pete Uribe, I’m thrilled to be a part of this spectacular production.

Last three shows begin tomorrow.  Closes Sat 8/29.

Getting DirectionWell Top Studios filming of the short “Death of a Boy” went off without a hitch.






-accidentally pulling the trigger of the gun during a take … (don’t worry there were no bullets) but … let me state that no character gets shot in the story though … oops

-watching my co-stars jump out of the bushes in ski masks

-amazing gluten-free pizza from craft-services.


-having duck-tape taped to my mouth for hours, ripping it off, reapplying, and ripping it off again for what felt like a million takes … ah, the life of an actress.

Check out some on-set pics.  And a huge thank you to all of those who supported.  I’ll keep you updated on future screenings and festival info.




Juliet & BellaLast night to see Shakespeare on horseback! If you are free, please come out and support this amazing show … 28 wonderfully talented actors, 9 majestic horses, plus an adorable mini, a llama, great music, the magical words of Shakespeare, all under the gorgeous night sky. Tickets are only $5-10 at the door and proceeds go to Saddles for Soldiers, Saddles for Serenity, and equine therapies helping to change the lives of people living with disabilities!

WHAT: Equine dell’ Arte presents “O’ For A Horse With Wings”
WHERE: Shadow Hills Equestrian Center
10263 La Canada Way
Shadow Hills 91040
WHEN: TONIGHT, show starts @7pm

Death of a Boy shootA dear friend and fellow actress is adding producer to her long list of amazing credits and accomplishments.  She now heads-up Well Top Studios a new production house, and cast me in their first project Death of a Boy, a dark-comedy short film about the fear of commitment.  Very excited to be a part of this crazy-creative group spear-headed by writer Chris Cusano!  Stay tuned for the funding campaign and check out a pic from after our first shoot-day.

Equine dell'Arte

I was one out of 200 actors chosen to become a company member of Equine dell’Arte! Its classical theatre on horseback here in Los Angeles. The company helps to raise money for various organizations and benefits the training of therapy horses for people with disabilities and special needs, those recovering from substance abuse, and veterans dealing with physical and emotional trauma. First show is in September!