Marisa Costa shines in ‘Fray’ – Read the review from The Inside Reel

Fray” works in a similar capacity with an applicable construct in terms of its progression but with a relatable angle that makes it all the more heartbreaking as its progresses. It follows a well meaning Marine back from Afghanistan after an injury leaves him with a gimp leg. This impairs the possibility of him getting work in an already squeezed economy. Slowly but surely, despite his continued perseverance, he can’t seem to get ahead. He is helped along by his teacher-turned-lover (Marisa Costa), who slowly falls in love with him. Costa undeniably anchors the film with such a luminescence which balances the brooding but powerful functionality of Bryan Kaplan’s performance as Justin. The key within here is structure and making sure these relationships pay off in the end without conceding the need to spoon-feed. “Fray” does this beautifully contrasting the dark but brilliantly forest backdrop with a sense of foreboding. 

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