My quote on The Miller Voice Method Studio Website

I took an amazing voice workshop with Scott Miller (and Company) called The Muscle of Presnce.  Here’s is what I had to say about it, quoted on their website:

What Folks Are Saying
Here’s some feedback from our most recent Muscle of Presence Workshop back in April:

“Overall I felt like the weekend was such a gift. Within the span of three days I was allowed, encouraged, and nurtured as an artist and as a human being to strip away all my masks, defenses, facades, bad habits, and rock hard layers in order to reconnect with my center and the part of me that is all-knowing and trusting of my instrument.  I left breathing and listening more fully with a newly renewed inspiration to act and create.  At the end of the workshop you said, “You are music,”  and that really stuck with me.  I have the creative power to move people and your workshop allowed me to reconnect with that knowledge.”

– Marisa Costa, NYC Actor